"Up in the Air / Le Canard" 2015
At the Southern Exposure Gallery in San Francisco, CA

Made of Bamboo, coated rip stop nylon, pine, maple & maple plywood, cotton twine, nylon line, music wire and air.
It measured 15' (h) x 32' x 32'.

Because I felt so up in the air, I invited people to help me build an airship in the Southern Exposure Gallery between 13 and 26 June. I had started construction in my shop and living room but I was hoping folks would come and play with me as I continued to construct this metaphor at Soex. And they did! "Up in the Air" was the title of the residency and the airship became "Le Canard" for it's ailerons in the front and it's well intentioned deceptions about flight. The Particulars of my flying machine were inspired by Frederick Marriot's 1869 airship Avitor and served to expand my researches into air and the breath.


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Images of Building Le Canard

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