interactive wood machines
Bernie Lubell As visitors work together to animate the mechanisms, they create a theatre for themselves and each other. By encouraging participation, and touch the pieces coax visitors to engage their bodies as well as their minds. The way that pieces move and feel and sound as you rock them, pedal, crank and press against them applies the kinesthetic comprehension's of childhood to the tasks of philosophy.

Currently --
- "Up in the Air" -- a solo show at Southern Exposure Gallery
Come help me build an Airship! -- Starts 13 June

- "Why Can't the First Part of the Second Party be the Second Part of the First Party?" -- Was at Intersection for the Arts in 2014
- "Party of the First Part" was in the Exit/Via Festivals in France in 2012
- 25 short Videos at Vimeo
- and a Channel on YouTube
- A 20 minute talk at UC Berkeley in 2014
...and Show Archives from FACT, v2, Exit/Via, and SJICA
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